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Hello, friends

Night Shift

My friends who have read my latest have laughed and been sickened in a good way. Or so they say. At least they haven't disowned me or distanced themselves in some way. They're still standing by me, the few who admit knowing me, the freak who writes mortuary fiction with attendant details of the macabre, as Mr. Poe would say. I am heartened enough to share it with you. I thank Jeff Chon for putting it up. He is one of those editors who actually abandon caution and publish against the trends of the day. I just think he's cool, and a fine writer.

It's been a long time since I've been here, so thank you to anybody checking in. I appreciate your interest and hope the summer is as kind to you as I'm feeling nowadays, relieved of school until September. I'm ready to work and laugh wherever I find nice people to help me sort out these difficult days. I hope you are entertained and lightened darkly by my dalliance with the dead on the night shift.
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