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Hello, friends

Kim Story

Hello, Friends,

This is one of the strangest ones I stand by, meaning it's by me and I'll claim it. I won't deny it. It's long, the print is tiny, but it might be weird enough to amuse you. I thank Permafrost for sponsoring the New Alchemy Contest, where this was a finalist. So much is hybrid these days; so few magazines stretch the genre boundaries, despite the talk. This is not hybrid at all, in fact, pure fiction, but messy. I like messy. I can live with messy.

(Of course, I hope I know what I'm doing throughout.)

Can't think politically nowadays. Burnt out. But ready to get on the lines if anything ugly happens--I say, one never really knows till the time is here. If you are out there, reading me (obviously)--thank you!

The link:

Kim Story

The farewell:

Feeling incredibly tender these days, wishing you all peace and love,

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