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"The Broken One," Catamaran Literary Reader (Fall 2021)


"Little Brown Boats," Queen Mob's Teahouse, 20TH APR 2020


"My Mother's Last Days," River Teeth (Fall 2019)


"I Saw It All," The Nasiona Magazine (November 2018)

"Ammons Learns Me a Thing Or Two," New South (Fall/Winter 2018)

"Imaginary Friends" (with Jacqueline Doyle). Reprinted in They Said: A Multi-Genre Anthology of Collaborative Writing, edited by Simone Muench, Dean Rader, Sally Ashton, and Jackie K. White (Black Lawrence Press, 2018)

"Our President-elect Caused Me Chest Pains and an E.R. Visit," The Manifest-Station (January 15, 2017) See January 16 blog for a link.

"The Cops," The Los Angeles Review (Fall 2016)

"Spiritual Direction," Under the Gum Tree (October 2016)

"The Count," Catamaran Literary Reader (Summer 2016)

"An Empty Classroom in June," BLUESTEM (Spring 2016)

"The Case for Steve Gutierrez," WACCAMAW (Spring 2016)
Listed as a Notable Essay in Best American Essays 2017

"Hopper at the Train Yard," Fourth Genre: Explorations in Nonfiction (Fall 2015)

"Letting It Be," Cleaver Magazine (2015)

"The Tricycle," The East Bay Review (2014)

“El Crow,” Alaska Quarterly Review (Spring & Summer 2014)

Essays in The River Teeth Reader, 10th Anniversary Anthology, elimae, West Magazine–Los Angeles Times Sunday, Third Coast, Under the Sun, River Teeth, Fourth Genre, San Francisco Chronicle Sunday, ZYZZYVA, the minnesota review, Santa Monica Review