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Hello, friends

New Interview!

Cover to Cover: Jovelyn Richards interviewed me about Captain Chicano Draws a Line in the American Sand, on Cover to Cover, April 16, 2024, on KPFA 94.1 FM in Berkeley


Check out the interview HERE at 31:30


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My New Book! Captain Chicano Draws a Line in the American Sand

Dear World,


I have a new book coming out on August 15, 2024, one day before my 65th birthday and 47 years and one day before Elvis died, which was on August 16, 1977 to do the math for you. It always stuck in my head, coming home from somewhere, seeing my mom hanging laundry in the backyard. "Hey, Steve, Elvis died." "Oh." Bummer. Just one of those things that is part of me. But to my book! Here is the link where you can pre-order it from the University of Tampa Press: Captain Chicano Draws a Line in the American Sand. I'm grateful for any support. I think it's pretty wild, the book, and fun.


Thank you anybody out there checking this blog out.


Peace in these most horrible times,


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Lit Crawl

I did the Lit Crawl thing last night and had fun. I read at a cool place called Faye's Video & Expresso Bar with four fantastic writers and one great musician in the Mission. The crowd was enthusiastic. I had a treat when a friend showed up unexpectedly, Rob Davidson, a fine writer who teaches  Read More 
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Kim Story

Hello, Friends,

This is one of the strangest ones I stand by, meaning it's by me and I'll claim it. I won't deny it. It's long, the print is tiny, but it might be weird enough to amuse you. I thank Permafrost for sponsoring the New Alchemy Contest, where this was a finalist. So  Read More 
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Museum Day

Great day with Jackie in SF checking out the Edvard Munch exhibit at MOMA. I didn't miss "The Scream." He's much more than that. I'm the last one to say anything remotely intelligent about art, but he packs a punch. He reminds me of Van Gogh with the colors he uses, not quite so  Read More 
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Happy MLK Day & News

The day is sunny and bright and warm and easy. Martin Luther King, Jr. speaks from a mountaintop these simple words: "Love. Love each other more. You'll be all right." He is radiant.

Thank you, Martin, for giving your life to this belief in the power of love. "Open yourself up, and you stand  Read More 
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A Sweet Holiday Sketch

My friend the trash man wanted to know how I voted. "Guy," he called out to me in the gym. He calls me guy. He's a son of the dustbowl, child or grandchild of the original Okies. He's told me he goes back to Oklahoma, his family. He's got a weather-roughened face as if he himself  Read More 
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My Hospital Stay


This Thanksgiving didn't go as planned. I spent the day and night at Eden Memorial Hospital in Castro Valley after checking in for chest pains and high blood pressure. They wanted to observe me, so installed me in a private room with a big TV bolted to the wall--you know, standard hospital set up--where I watched an amazing cable channel program  Read More 
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Am I Dreaming?

This is the creepiest period I've endured in my 57 years as an American, creepier by far than 9-11, which was exacerbating, and scary, and also inspiring and strengthening, seeing the great national spirit arise out of the ashes. I speak of the unity, not the hate experienced by too many Muslims and Indians wearing  Read More 
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My Mistress Death and the Election

Just got back from voting. Jeez, you don't want to know about it. A few days before, I posed with my old friend La Catrina. I've known her for a long time. Perhaps she served as midwife at my birth, and cackled when I emerged squirming out of my mother's birth canal. She befriended  Read More 
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