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Hello, friends

My New Book! Captain Chicano Draws a Line in the American Sand

Dear World,


I have a new book coming out on August 15, 2024, one day before my 65th birthday and 47 years and one day before Elvis died, which was on August 16, 1977 to do the math for you. It always stuck in my head, coming home from somewhere, seeing my mom hanging laundry in the backyard. "Hey, Steve, Elvis died." "Oh." Bummer. Just one of those things that is part of me. But to my book! Here is the link where you can pre-order it from the University of Tampa Press: Captain Chicano Draws a Line in the American Sand. I'm grateful for any support. I think it's pretty wild, the book, and fun.


Thank you anybody out there checking this blog out.


Peace in these most horrible times,


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