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Hello, friends

Happy MLK Day & News

The day is sunny and bright and warm and easy. Martin Luther King, Jr. speaks from a mountaintop these simple words: "Love. Love each other more. You'll be all right." He is radiant.

Thank you, Martin, for giving your life to this belief in the power of love. "Open yourself up, and you stand a chance," is what he adds as he fades away.

On that grand note, let me go on with a bright bit of publishing news on my end. The Manifest-Station has reprinted a shorter version of my December 2, 2016 blog entry, My Hospital Stay.

It's now called Our President-elect Caused Me Chest Pains and an E.R. Visit.

I thank them and everybody interested in my work.

I wish you all peace and happiness this glorious day in the Bay Area.

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